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Below you'll find a few additional products to consider beyond our popular Excel2TXF software. If you have any questions, or suggestions for additional products, just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Excel2TXF - Full-Service Upgrade

From $10.00


Note: This upgrade option requires a previous purchase of the Excel2TXF software during the current tax season. If you haven't purchased the software, you'll need to purchase the Full-Service option from the homepage.

Having trouble sorting out your broker's download? Or trouble getting the software to run on your machine? Just switch to the Full-Service option and let us do the work for you! We'll convert your broker download(s) to TXF files, check for errors, do a test import for verification, and email you back your TXF file within 24 hours. We have over 15 years of experience with files from over 70 brokers!

TXF2Excel - Excel version$2.50Add TXF2Excel to cart

Note: This program is the opposite of what most people are looking for. If you want to convert an Excel file to a TXF file, you'll need to purchase our main product, Excel2TXF, from the home page

Does your broker already offer a TXF file, but you would like to view the contents and/or make modifications? Do you have more than 2500 trades and need to do some consolidation? This easy-to-use macro will convert your TXF file to an Excel file in a matter of seconds! You can purchase this macro for a mere $2.50 by clicking the above Paypal button. If you end up editing or modifying the data in the new Excel file, just use our popular Excel2TXF macro to convert back to a TXF file!

More Products Coming Soon!
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